Versatile Arm Wall Sconce


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Mouille’s insect-like designs from the 1950’s were created as a reaction to heavier, clunkier Italian designs of the time. Mouille wanted to create modern lighting fixtures that had delicate lines and a stunning visual presence. The One-Arm wall sconce is one of Serge’s most versatile lamps. 

The arm is 47″ so light can be projected to many different parts of the room. Further, the shade has independent rotation to allow for further flexibility. 

What does it mean to set of 2?
It simply means that there are two lights, each with the separate quantity indicated, in the order & packaged together.

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Product Size

Size: L 60cm x H 40cm / L 23.6″ x H 15.8″

Size: L 80cm x H 40cm / L 31.5″ x H 15.8″

Size: L 120cm x H 40cm / L 47.2″ x H 15.8″

2heads Size: L 140cm x H 60cm / L 55″ x H 23.6″


Material: Metal, Aluminum, Brass.

Light source: LED bulb or Edison bulb.

Light source base type: E26 or E27.

Voltage: AC 110-240V.

Mounting: Wall.

Moisture resistance: IP 20 Damp-rated not waterproof, for indoor use only.

Environment: Indoor.

Body Finishes: White, Black.

Shade Finish: White, Black.

Control: Inline On/Off push button switch.

59.1″ wires with plug switch.

Certification: UL, ETL and CE, SAA listed.

Packing size:

2heads Dia 140cm x H 50cm volume: 24kg


140cm Weight: 4.5kg

Installation Instructions

Air Table LampAir Table Lamp


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L 23.6″ x H 15.8″ / L 60cm x H 40cm, L 31.5″ x H 15.8″ / L 80cm x H 40cm, L 47.2″ x H 15.8″ / L 120cm x H 40cm, 2heads L 55″ x H 23.6″ / L 140cm x H 60cm, L 23.6″ x H 15.8″ / L 60cm x H 40cm Set of 2, L 31.5″ x H 15.8″ / L 80cm x H 40cm Set of 2, L 47.2″ x H 15.8″ / L 120cm x H 40cm Set of 2


White, Black

Plug options

US Plug, UK Plug, AU Plug, EU Plug


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