Luminous Fluorescent Glacier Vase


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Illuminate Your Space with Arctic Beauty

Transport yourself to a mystical winter wonderland anywhere in your home with the Luminous Fluorescent Glacier Vase. Standing tall at 15cm, this enchanting glass vase glows with an ethereal blue light reminiscent of the northern lights dancing across an icy sky.

Crafted from transparent glass, the vase allows its inner LED light to cast gorgeous shadows and reflections around your living space. The illuminated interior gives the illusion that the vase itself is glowing from within, as if containing captured moonlight from afrozen landscape.

Three distinctive patterns are available – Gourd, Mushroom and Petal – to suit various aesthetic styles. The smooth textures and organic silhouettes are beautifully highlighted by the vase’s inner luminance. No matter the shape you choose, you’ll be surrounded by an air of arctic mystique.

More than just a decorative piece, the Luminous Fluorescent Glacier Vase enhances mood and atmosphere. Its calming cool glow provides a focal point that is ideal for relaxation at the end of a long day. The ethereal light also makes an artistic statement long after sunset, perfect for showing off your creative flair even in low light.

Constructed to the highest standards from lead-free materials, this vase is built to last through years of enjoyment. Its integrated LED lighting is energy efficient and long lasting for consistent performance.

Treat yourself or a loved one to everyday inspiration and wonder. Bring the magic of the northern lights into your daily moments with the Luminous Fluorescent Glacier Vase. Its one-of-a-kind luminescence will illuminate your space – and your world – with serene beauty.

  • Material: Glass
  • Note: The product is made of glass, so it may have bubbles, black spots, etc., which are natural results of processing.
  • Package list: 1 vase, no plants




The product is made of glass, so it may have bubbles, black spots, etc., which are natural results of processing.


Gourd, Mushroom, Petal


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